• "Hike of stars" on Rogla

    "Hike of stars" on Rogla


    Alpina together with healthy lifestyle and sport ambassador, Petra Majdic,  and  slovenian nordic walking instructors, members of International Nordic Walking Association,  prepared a "Hike of stars", where there was no shortage of pleasant socializing, music and good humor. The purpose of sports gathering in the nature is to promote a healthy way of spending free time and promotion of recreational sports, with an emphasis on hiking, nordic walking and cross-country skiing. The event was dedicated to the celebration of the 65th anniversary of Alpina.

    On Saturday, 8 September 2012, on Rogla nearly two hundred hikers greeted by sunny morning that promised a beautiful day with beauty of  nature on Rogla.

    Queen of Nordic skiing and the ambassador of sport and a healthy lifestyle, Petra Majdic, prepared hikers for about two hours long hike. INWA Nordic walking instructors, members of the International Nordic walking Association presented  the technique of Nordic walking "10 steps." 

    Hikers then went on a short hike and those more courageous even on the long hike towards lake "Lovrenško jezero". While walking both instructors Nordic walking as Petra Majdic were sharing  their knowledge, experience and advice to hikers. Hikers were absolutely inspired with this simple and very effective practice Nordic walking.

    Hanging out, good food and pleasant music continued with the company of the much awaited stars "silver"  biathlon athletes. Teja Gregorin, Klemen Bauer and Jakov Fak have competed with their fans in walking on wooden skis and  served with stories from the world of sport.