• Alpina at Trade Fairs in 2016

    Alpina at Trade Fairs in 2016

    Januar 2016

    Alpina exhibits at all major European fairs, such as The ISPO, the OUTDOOR, the Micam and the Expo Riva Schuh.    

    In 2016 you can visit us at an upcoming exhibitions:   



    ISPO Munchen Germany; 24 - 27 January 2016    

    IWA Nurnberg Germany;  4 - 7 March 2016   

    OUTDOOR Friedrichshafen Germany; 13 - 16 July   



    Expo Riva Schuh Italy, 16 - 19 January 2016    

    Micam, Milano, Italy; 14 - 17 February 2016  

    Expo Riva Schuh Italy, 11 - 14 June 2016    

    Micam Milano Italy, 3 - 6 September 2016     


  • Presentation of the New Alpina Collection at the Fashion Footwear Fair in Italy

    Presentation of the New Alpina Collection at the Fashion Footwear Fair in Italy

    Junij 2015

    In the days between 13th and 16th June 2015, the Alpina team has successfully presented the latest Alpina fashion footwear collection for the 2016 spring summer season at the international Exporivaschuh fair in Italy. The new collection and the completely refurbished Alpina exhibition pavilion have drawn both old and new customers, so the first impression regarding orders is quite optimistic.

    The Alpina team, taking care of development, creation and marketing of fashion footwear known at home and abroad under the Alpina brand for many years, presents the latest models of footwear twice a year at the large international Exporivaschuh shoe fair in Riva del Garda in Italy. Among more than 1200 companies, Alpina successfully presented its latest selection to the business community of long-time partners, loyal customers and potential new partners. In the days of the fair, meetings took place with various buyers from thirty European countries, Canada and this year for the first time from the Netherlands Antilles as well. Most buyers ordered samples, while some already placed orders for the 2016 spring summer season.

    The latest developments in the field of fashionable-elegant as well as more sporting and above all comfortable leisure footwear were presented at the fair. Several new leisure models were developed for the new collection – they are based on comfortably wide (G and H) lasts and intended for women with wider feet, who will always be able to find comfortable, yet fashionable shoes featuring new materials and interesting colour combinations in the Alpina collection. The second and equally important group of footwear are elegant shoes with high heels, which were now joined by two new models with plateaus. Also new to the collection are four models of fashionable shoes with light and trendy white soles. The sandals collection is somewhat less extensive this time, due to the poorer summer seasons recorded in Europe in the recent years. The visitors, our long-standing customers and new customers alike were delighted by the new, interesting and colourful Alpina collection. They were convinced above all by the new selection of natural, quality materials and new colour combinations included in the collection by Alpina's designers. The trendy light white soles and plateaus were also received well.

    In addition to the collection, the enthusiasm of the customers was further intensified by the completely refurbished exhibition pavilion that definitely contributed to an even better presentation of footwear and to the fresh and optimistic energy between the business partners.

    We are very happy with the customer feedback. The Alpina team now has a lot of work to do, from the creation of samples to visits and meetings with the major customers. We are pleased to have been able to prepare a collection that has drawn many visitors and attracted the interests of both existing and new customers. We therefore enter the second half of the financial year with optimism and look forward to continued cooperation on the European and global market.  

  •  Alpina trekking novelties at the OutDoor Show 2013

    Alpina trekking novelties at the OutDoor Show 2013

    Julij 2013

    At the OutDoor, taking place in Friedrichshafen from 11 to 14 July 2013, Alpina presented the latest trekking boots collection  and novelties. At the 20th edition of the trade fair, over 900 exhibitors from 42 countries, including the market leaders, presented themselves to their colleagues in the industry.  OutDoor, the leading trade show absolutely sets footwear trends for the 2014 outdoor season.

    ALPINA has innovatively applied its vast knowledge of skiing gear of champions  to create outdoor boots that are evenly advanced and stubborn when it comes to reaching the top. They’re built from first-class technical solutions and durable materials so they make hard work look easy. This walking gear constantly provides stability, ensures comfort, repels water, and helps ventilate the foot. Trekking boots by ALPINA are able to transport their wearer everywhere, no matter how steep and how high the goal is.


    One of the latets Alpina innovations  VCP (Volume Control Plate), which allows for precise adaptation of the volume independently for the left and right foot, is now applied on almost every single Alpina backpacking, hiking and winter trekking boots. For the 2014 season, Alpina are making their products even more attractive through even greater functionality and generous comfort.  


    In upcoming outdoor boots collection special attention is given to the development and design of new  women's backpacking and hiking boots. The message for the coming season is clear: Life can be so colourful!  The dominant colours in the new collection for women include bright green, »lavender purple« and »ice blue«.


    New Alpina Approach trekking shoes deliver speed of movement, a lightweight construction, comfortable fit and superior protection and enables you to conquer demanding, technical terrains. Alpina presented new, bold colours of the new Approach model »Royal.«